Ethiopia Boy
Publisher: Carcanet/Oxford Poets
ISBN: 978-1-90618-809-2
Price: £9.95

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Sketches from the Poem Road
by Isao Miura & Chris Beckett
Publisher: Hagi Press
ISBN: 978-0-9931691-0-6
(Shortlisted for the 

Just a Nobody
by Hama Tuma
Publisher: Tamrat Books
ISBN: 978-1-9998146-0-1

The Dog Who Thinks He's A Fish
Publisher: Smith/Doorstop Books
ISBN: 978-1-902382-59-3
Price: £6.95

The Best British Poetry 2011
Edited by Roddy Lumsden
Publisher: Salt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781907773044
Price: £9.99

In Search of Fat
Bewketu Seyoum
(trans. Chris Beckett & Alemu Tebeje Ayele)
Publisher: Flipped Eye
ISBN: 978-1905233380
Price: £4.00